‘Won’t let it happen’: Edmonton Oilers captain says he’s not interested in playing in NHL’s Wild card game

On the surface, the Wild card seems like a nice way to start a Wild season.

But the card isn’t the Wild’s official starting point.

And if the Wild loses its first two games, it would not have a chance to win the division.

“I don’t know if it’s a wild card or not, but we need to start somewhere,” said Alex Tuch.

Tuch, who is now a member of the Buffalo Sabres, is the second Wild captain to say he won’t play in the Wildcard game.

“If we win our first two and we play in a wildcard, then we will be there.

But if we lose two games and we go to the Wild, we are not there,” said Tuch on a call with reporters on Wednesday.

He added that he hasn’t made a decision yet.

The Wild has two games left in the regular season.

The Buffalo Sabres will play the Minnesota Wild in a two-game series at First Niagara Center on Thursday.

It is not known if the Sabres will participate in the game, which will be broadcast on ESPN3 and the NHL Network.

Buffalo and Minnesota are the only teams in the Western Conference that are not tied for first place.

Tuck said he thinks he will have the opportunity to play for the Wild.

“Hopefully I can play for them.

I just have to play,” Tuch said.

If not, I’ll just keep working and try to make the team. “

But if I can’t make the playoffs, then I’ll have to get out of here.

They don’t have any other choices.”

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