Why you shouldn’t be worried about global warming

From the moment the Earth gets hit by a giant asteroid, scientists have warned that the planet could be heading towards a tipping point.

The question is: is it a real danger or just a scare tactic?

The answer could determine whether our civilization survives, as the effects of climate change have been felt around the world.

The world is heading towards another ice age, and scientists have been warning for years that it could have catastrophic consequences for the planet.

But the truth about global climate change has been largely hidden from the public.

A recent paper published in the journal Science found that a key part of the IPCC’s AR5 warming-induced global warming (GIW) hypothesis was completely false.

This means that the warming hypothesis is no longer based on science, but is simply based on political ideology.

ClimategateThe scandal involving the email inbox of the editor of the journal Nature and the emails that were allegedly stolen by scientists was a shocking and embarrassing moment for scientists.

It was revealed that emails stolen by hackers revealed that scientists and their colleagues were receiving funding from fossil fuel companies, and that this funding was not in line with scientific consensus.

The emails were leaked by Wikileaks, and now there are a number of allegations that scientists are being funded by the fossil fuel industry.

The emails have also been used to suggest that climate change is a myth, that the climate is in a cooling trend, and other claims that the fossil fuels are to blame for the climate change that is occurring around the planet today.

But now scientists have come forward to say that the emails are in fact a result of a fraud.

This is because there are no emails in the original emails, and the scientists involved did not have access to the original data.

This is a major development for scientists, because it means that climate scientists are finally getting the full story on the climate, and we now have a much clearer picture of what the global climate system is doing.

Scientists are now questioning whether the scientists in the emails actually worked for a private company or a scientific organisation, rather than being part of a large scientific organisation.

And it is this issue that has led to the current scandal.

Scientists believe that the original email data was stolen by an individual, rather then being part and parcel of a larger scientific research project, which is why it is so important that the email data is now released to the public, in order to give the full picture of the scientists’ work and their role in it.

The scientists in this case are now saying that the real culprits are the scientists themselves, and are using the climategate scandal to raise funds for a new project to further their science.

The scientists behind the new study are using a new dataset from the Global Carbon Project, which they hope will be able to reveal more information about how climate change impacts on our planet.

The new study is using the new dataset to look at changes in carbon dioxide concentrations over time, and to understand what impact global warming will have on the world’s climate.

The project was established in 2009, and is funded by a number private donations.

The researchers used data from the project, from the Carbon Project database, to build a climate model, and then compared this with past climate data.

The researchers used the model to see how carbon dioxide levels have changed over time.

They also analysed data from other climate models to see whether the model was right, and whether there was any change in carbon levels from the previous climate.

This new data, which shows how carbon levels have been increasing over time in the past, is going to be used by scientists to make predictions about how our climate system will change, and what that means for the future.

But the scientists are also worried that their data could be used to manipulate the climate system to suit the interests of fossil fuel interests.

According to this paper, the climate models that the scientists used did not include data from a new data set from the Climategate scandal.

This means that if you have a climate change model that uses this data, it is not being used to make a prediction about the climate.

The model is being used for political purposes, because the scientists want to use the climate model to support their own political agenda.

If scientists are able to use climate data that is not based on climate science to make political statements, that will be very worrying for climate scientists, as it will undermine the whole science of climate science.

Dr Michael Mann, director of the Earth System Science Center at Pennsylvania State University, said: “The new data sets show that climate models can make misleading predictions about future changes in climate.

This data sets will be used in future climate research to support climate change denial.”

Scientists at the Climate Change Research Centre at Monash University said: “”We have to be very careful in interpreting the ClimateGate data, as these are data sets of a very small scale, and therefore there is very little that can be interpreted about them.

“Dr Robert Svante, Director of

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