Why the government of Honduras is trying to force Amazon rainforest destruction

Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández is threatening Amazon rainforests to be burned if Amazon deforestation continues.

According to Honduran news site The Local, the Amazon rain forest is the “natural capital of Honduras.”

This is a statement of fact.

It’s a claim that could not be further from the truth.

Honduran officials have claimed the Amazon is “protected” by the government and that the Amazon provides “protection” for the Honduran people.

In fact, the Hondurans Amazon is heavily mined and used for timber and cattle ranching.

As such, the indigenous communities that live in the Amazon have historically resisted any encroachment by the Honduan government.

Hondurians have been resisting this encroachment for centuries.

In 2015, the National Congress passed a law that authorized the burning of the Amazon to stop deforestation.

This law has been repeatedly violated by the authorities in Honduras.

In 2017, for example, the government burned the Amazon’s last remaining tree.

In April 2018, the president of Honduras announced that the National Defense Force (NDF) would use bulldozers and heavy equipment to clear Amazon forest to clear the area for cattle grazing.

But the destruction of Amazon rain forests and the destruction that follows are nothing new.

In Honduras, Amazon deforestation is the main cause of deforestation and environmental degradation.

In 2014, the Inter-American Development Bank estimated that there were 7.5 million hectares of Amazon forest in Honduras alone.

According a 2014 study, the destruction and destruction caused by the construction of dams, roads, and other infrastructure, along with other illegal activities, has been responsible for more than 5 million hectares, or more than 80 percent of the remaining Amazon forest.

For example, in 2017, the World Bank estimated the destruction caused to the Amazon by dams and roads alone at around $50 billion.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

According, the US Government Accountability Office, there are currently 5.4 million hectares (10 million acres) of forest in the US, an area equal to more than 2.6 percent of US landmass.

Honduras has a large population of indigenous peoples, who have long opposed encroachment into their land.

The Amazon’s forests provide a refuge and sanctuary for many indigenous communities.

In addition to their traditional ways of life, indigenous people also rely on the Amazon for food and income.

Amazon raincoasts are not only sacred to the indigenous peoples of Honduras, but they are also important natural resources for Honduras and other Latin American countries.

Amazonian peoples have traditionally lived in harmony with their environment, and the Amazon has been a site of international cooperation and collaboration for thousands of years.

As a result, it has been the subject of considerable conservation efforts in both Latin America and the world.

The Inter-Amerikan Council of the Americas (ICAO) is a United Nations agency that helps to coordinate environmental issues for Latin American and Caribbean nations.

In 2016, the ICAO declared the Amazon as one of the most important natural heritage sites of the world, citing the “integral role” of the rainforest in maintaining and promoting the livelihoods of the indigenous people.

For more information about the Amazon Rainforest in Honduras, please visit the IACO Amazon Rainforests page.

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