Why is the world changing its way around biodiversity?

A survey by a British ecologist and an Australian ecologist says the world is shifting away from a model of natural ecosystems that includes people.

The study, published in Ecology Letters, says it’s “extremely challenging” to predict what’s next for biodiversity in the world’s ecosystems.

Its findings come from a series of surveys conducted across the world.

The team looked at how biodiversity is changing across the globe, and found a wide range of problems.

It found that global biodiversity has been increasing, but that many of these changes have been happening in the form of people moving in and out of ecosystems.

The paper found that most of the changes are occurring as a result of humans, but a minority of species are losing out.

The biggest change in global biodiversity is in the area of human-induced loss of biodiversity.

It’s changing from a world in which people are more dominant in a variety of areas, such as agriculture and tourism, to a world where more people are working outside their homes.

And, in most cases, that’s happening in places like the Amazon.

There are lots of reasons for this, says Professor David Bell from the University of Bristol, the lead author of the study.

He says that most ecosystems are in decline, with a few exceptions, such the Caribbean, which is recovering from the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina.

And he says that, despite the changes occurring, humans are not the primary cause of global decline.

There is a lot of other factors, such deforestation, that are contributing to these changes, but he says the changes being driven by humans are mainly in the past.

What’s changed?

In this study, the team looked for trends that were common across different ecosystems, and then looked at what was changing.

For instance, it looked at changes in species diversity, including what types of species species are in what habitats, and how biodiversity has changed across these changes.

“This is a fairly standard measure of biodiversity,” says Bell.

“We look for patterns that look like trends, where there are two or more indicators of change that are fairly similar, and those indicators are then combined to produce a simple trend.

We looked at the same patterns across a range of ecosystems, including humans.”

But the researchers found a big change was happening in biodiversity in some regions of the world, with many of the areas experiencing an increase in species richness, and biodiversity that’s declining.

For example, in the Amazon, a region with a lot more land and animals, biodiversity was increasing, which could be due to people moving into the region and introducing new species, or a mix of both.

But there was also an increase of species that were declining in other parts of the Amazon in some areas, and this could be because people were removing species from habitats, for example in the region of the Andes where there is less rainfall.

Bell says this could have been a factor in some of the recent decline of species, but there is evidence that changes in land use and climate were also contributing.

“I think there’s a real risk that these trends will persist, and that they could become more widespread and more dramatic,” he says.

But, he adds, these patterns of change can be counteracted if people do what’s needed to mitigate them.

In the Caribbean and the Pacific, the areas where changes in biodiversity are occurring are mostly in areas where humans are less dominant.

In parts of Australia, such areas are often populated by native species.

The authors say this is a major change, and there is a need to understand what’s going on in these areas.

“It is the case that in these environments where the species richness has increased, the changes that are occurring may be more significant than those that are happening elsewhere, but we need to know more about what is happening,” says the paper.

It also notes that while some changes have happened due to humans, others have been driven by natural processes such as deforestation, which may have occurred over a longer period.

The scientists say the findings will help to improve conservation efforts.

“These findings highlight how the natural world can change with time, but it also provides important opportunities to understand the drivers of these dynamics,” they write.

“Such changes can be seen as an important driver of biodiversity change over time and are likely to continue to change.”

They also say that they will look at whether or not people are driving these changes themselves.

“As humans and nature continue to work together in the interests of the greater good, the results of this research will inform future efforts to conserve biodiversity and to prevent loss,” the paper concludes. 

What are the threats?

Bell says that there are lots that are being driven in the process by human activities, including the destruction of ecosystems by land use change, deforestation, and pollution.

These changes, he says, are also being driven primarily by human activity, with the majority of changes occurring as the result of human activities.

“The impacts of climate change, water pollution, land clearing, and resource extraction

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