Why is the human ecology of animals important to conservation?

By now, most people are familiar with the plight of the endangered South American black rhino.

In March 2016, an international team of scientists reported that the rhino population in the Amazon had been cut in half by poaching, which was largely driven by demand for the highly-tradeable rhino horn.

Today, the species is estimated to be less than 1,000.

The poaching crisis in South America has taken a severe toll on the African elephants, who are now extinct in the wild.

Now, conservationists are raising questions about whether the human-induced loss of the animals’ habitats will cause an extinction crisis in the next few decades.

As a result, conservation groups are taking a hard look at the ways that humans are destroying habitats for the animals and how the resulting ecological consequences are being amplified.

One of the most pressing questions is: what are the conservation implications of human-caused habitat loss?

The answer to this question is not clear.

What we know about conservation is not universally shared, and it is not always easy to compare conservation efforts across the globe.

For example, in Africa, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) ranks the continent as the sixth-most endangered species, with more than 20,000 species threatened.

The IUCN does not rank the entire African continent as endangered, as it is divided into seven regions.

However, it is worth noting that while many species of elephants are protected by IUCNs, the IUCNS does not consider all African elephant populations as endangered.

There is a wide range of opinion among conservation experts about whether elephants should be classified as endangered or not.

Some say that elephants are an important species that deserves a more urgent and more effective conservation response than other species.

In this paper, we consider some of the questions raised by this debate.

To begin, we discuss the nature of the human impact on African elephants.

Then, we briefly consider the conservation response to the poaching crisis.

We conclude by discussing some of our research findings.

We then look at some of these concerns in terms of human impacts on African ecosystems.

A closer look at human impacts On the one hand, it seems clear that human activities, whether intentional or unintentional, have a major impact on the ecosystem.

For the majority of African elephants and other threatened species, habitat loss is a result of human activities that take place within the context of human populations.

This is true for all of the species that have been listed as endangered in IUCNM Appendix II (the African Elephant Group) and Appendix III (the Tiger Group).

The most well-known impacts on elephants occur in the form of habitat loss.

For elephants, deforestation is one of the major drivers of population loss.

As an example, many African elephants are driven to their dens for food by the high demand of the African market.

Human population density increases exponentially as a result.

For African elephants in particular, habitat degradation can lead to severe population declines that can persist for decades, causing severe ecological and social disruption.

In addition, the loss of habitat can be exacerbated by human-forced agricultural activities, such as clearing of forests and agricultural lands.

For this reason, it may not be surprising that the ICDN has listed elephants as “vulnerable” under Appendix II.

Other elephants are not threatened by human activity as such, and the IARC does not classify them as endangered either.

The impact of human development is even more important than habitat loss, as evidenced by the impact on elephants as a whole.

For many African elephant species, the habitat that has been cleared for agriculture or forest cultivation has degraded rapidly over time.

For instance, elephants have lost up to 80 percent of their original forest cover in the last 25 years, according to the ILCS.

As this happens, the African elephant population is further driven towards extinction.

The loss of forest and farmland has led to rapid deforestation of some of their most suitable habitat, leading to severe habitat fragmentation and increased habitat loss in the surrounding savanna.

The result is a huge amount of habitat degradation.

The fragmentation of the forest and other areas of forest cover is a major cause of fragmentation in elephants’ habitats, as the elephant’s habitat is often fragmented at high densities.

For some elephants, this fragmentation is accompanied by severe habitat degradation, leading them to seek escape routes into bush or forest.

The process of fragmentation can have devastating effects on the animals that are most vulnerable to its effects.

As the elephants become more isolated from each other and from the wild, they can become less responsive to signals from other elephants, leading these animals to flee.

When they do, the animals will become stressed, especially if they are separated from other individuals, which often results in the elephants being injured or killed.

This process of separation and isolation is known as isolation stress.

The animals’ stress response to this isolation can lead them to exhibit aggression.

It can also lead to behavioral changes such as increased activity and aggressive behavior.

In some cases, elephants are able to

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