Why does our world look so different?

In the UK, the first day of summer brings a flurry of activity in parks, the city centre and rural areas, as millions gather to celebrate the new year.

But as we head into winter, a whole new set of things are beginning to change. 

From snow to ice, from snowshoes to snowshoers, the world looks different in just a few weeks time.

It is an incredibly different world for the animals we rely on to keep us alive. 

This is the BBC’s Invisibilia series, which explores the world through the eyes of wildlife conservationists and naturalists.

Invisibility is essential for wildlife conservation and in turn the world is facing a unique set of challenges.

We look at some of the key issues that wildlife experts are confronting as the months and years go by, as well as how we are preparing for a new year and how we can all help save wildlife. 

The first day in September is the most beautiful time of the year for wildlife, but for those living in rural areas or in the countryside, it is not just the day they spend with family and friends that is the highlight. 

In rural areas the birds and other animals will have to adapt to new surroundings. 

As people move out of urban areas and into rural areas they are finding it difficult to access natural areas and for these creatures it is even harder. 

For many of these animals, the winter is also their last opportunity to have the chance to live in a natural setting. 

We’ve already seen a few of the animals adapted to living in the new climate, including the rare black-capped treefrog (Chelonia tuberosum) and the small-sized brown-throated woodpecker (Cervidae). 

There are also some animals which are struggling in the warmer climate. 

A new species of wild dog is also being found in northern England. 

Wild dogs, such as the Yorkshire Doberman Terrier, have been on the rise in recent years and have become very popular in some parts of the country. 

And a new species, the northern white-tailed deer (Canis lupus), is emerging in parts of England.

In the northern part of England they are the smallest of the species and are often found in large numbers in the forested areas of their range. 

These animals will be able to get the full benefit of the natural environment if the weather is not too harsh and the weather stays clear, but they will be affected by weather-related changes. 

It will be a difficult time for wildlife in rural parts of Northern Ireland, for example, with a number of species already at risk from the weather in the area. 

While the majority of animals that survive in rural environments are now adapting, there are still some that are not. 

Our story is one of a small number of animals living in isolated areas of the UK that are struggling with these changing conditions. 

If you have seen wildlife in a field or in a woodland or woodland preserve, we want to hear from you about what you’ve seen and what can be done to help wildlife.

We are looking for your input on wildlife conservation issues from the countryside. 

What you can do to help A common question we get from readers is: “How can I help the animals I see around me in the wild?” 

To be clear, we are not saying that the animals you see should be put down and killed, but we want you to be aware that we do not know what the impact will be on the animals and how it will affect their survival. 

So, to be able, as an individual or as a community, to help the wildlife we see, is to help it survive and grow in the future. 

To help us tell this story, we have put together a range of resources which can help you think about what animals you might see and what they can do. 

How can you help? 

We have put in place some of these resources for you to share with wildlife experts, wildlife conservation organisations and conservation charities, so that they can share ideas about how to help. 

Please see below for the ways that you can help: A guide to wildlife protection and conservation What to do if you see an animal you think might be in need of help  How to help a wild animal How do I know if an animal I see is a wildlife conservation issue? 

The BBC Wildlife Service has put together this short guide to help you identify wildlife conservation problems. 

There is also a wildlife information website called the National Wildlife Health Authority (NWHA), which has a comprehensive wildlife health website and a website to help people in the UK and abroad. 

Where can I find wildlife in the United Kingdom? 

If I am in the Northern Ireland area and see an image of a wild mammal, animal or bird, the NWHA website on the NWAA website will help you to find more information about the animal. Other

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