Why ‘biosphere’ is a buzzword to understand in climate change

An increasing number of scientists and environmentalists are using the word “biosphere” to describe the earth’s ecosystems.

A growing number of environmental organisations are now calling for the word to be included in climate negotiations to improve the understanding of the effects of climate change on ecosystems and the world.

The word “bio-“, which is derived from the Latin word meaning “biological material” and refers to organisms, is a term that has become increasingly popular among environmental groups over the past two decades.

In a statement, the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN), the world’s biggest conservation body, said it would consider the term in the next IPCC report, which is due in November.

In addition to the term “bioscience”, the IUCN also supports a new term “biosecurity” which will describe “the ability of natural and engineered systems to control the spread of infectious diseases and diseases-related organisms”.

The IUCNs decision comes amid a growing number in the scientific community and industry who are calling for an environmental definition of “biodiversity” and a broader definition of ecosystem services.

This is a growing recognition that the human impact on the Earth is far greater than the number of species and ecosystems on which we depend.

It is time for a comprehensive and consistent definition of the environmental impact of human activity, said the statement.

“A new approach is needed that will help us better understand how we can improve our lives and improve our environment while also promoting conservation of biodiversity,” the statement said.

According to the ICAO, biodiversity includes “species, ecosystems, plants and animals that live in and contribute to our natural systems”.

In a report released earlier this month, the IWC said biodiversity is a global resource that has an “inherent value and importance to humanity”.

The report said the number and value of life on Earth has been increasing for over a century.

Its report said that between 1990 and 2016, the number increased from 9.2 billion to 10.9 billion, with an increase of 8.2% in the number in each of the last 20 years.

The report added that biodiversity is vital to the health of the planet and that it was essential to prevent the destruction of biodiversity through human activity.

“Biodiversity is essential to the well-being of our planet and we must protect it,” the IWCC said.

It added that in order to ensure the sustainability of biodiversity, conservation of the species, ecosystems and services that it supports must be the priority.

A number of conservation groups, including the WWF, WWF-UK, the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and the Zoological Society of London, have called for a “biocommunity” definition for the term biodiversity, as the global ecosystem is changing rapidly.

It said the new definition would help “create the conditions in which we can plan for the future, and work together to meet our global challenges”.

“We need to work together, not only as a global community but as a community of nations,” said WWF-US director of conservation and sustainable development for the Americas, Paul Ruggiero.

“The future of our species is at stake.

But the WWF said the definition was not enough, as it was not a “complete picture”.””

We must all work together.”

But the WWF said the definition was not enough, as it was not a “complete picture”.

“Bioscience is the only way we can make sense of the complexities of our relationship with nature and how we use our environment to protect our planet,” said the WWF’s WWF Africa spokesperson, Chris Sillitoe.

The IWC also said there was “no clear path forward” for how to define biodiversity.

Its statement said the IARC should include the term biosphere in its “international declaration of intent” to combat climate change.

The International Union of Conservation of Natural Resources’ (IUUN) decision to include the word biosphere also comes amid concerns that “biolife” could be used in the future to refer to the earths biodiversity.

A biosphere is a collection of biological or environmental resources, and is defined as an area that has been treated with a “systematic and long-term management strategy for the purpose of preserving, enhancing, or improving biodiversity, ecosystem services, or other natural resources”.

“It encompasses ecosystems, biological, physical, geological, cultural, and technological resources,” the World Resources Institute said in a statement.

“It is the area in which biological and ecological resources are stored, managed, and accessed.”

The IUCS statement said a new definition could help the world to better understand the impacts of climate-related environmental changes on biodiversity and ecosystem services in the world and also help to support efforts to protect and restore natural areas.

It called for the definition of biosphere to be added to the next draft of the IUPAC’s International Assessment of Greenhouse Gases (IAGGS) for the next five

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