The ‘ecological’ fallacy: What it means and why it matters

On January 2, 2015, the U.S. Geological Survey announced that it was shutting down all of its geophysical research facilities, including those devoted to monitoring the effects of global warming.

The decision followed a series of climate-related lawsuits that had been filed by climate activists.

The first lawsuit, filed by, named the agencies responsible for regulating greenhouse gas emissions as the “epic fail-safe” in an attempt to undermine public confidence in climate science.

The lawsuit was quickly joined by the American Petroleum Institute and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

In response, the agencies have since been ordered to close their research facilities.

The reason for the closures?

“This is not a case of ‘climate change’ versus ‘global warming,’ but of the fact that the agencies’ policies have created the risk of a catastrophic climate-change event,” said Michael Mann, a University of California, Berkeley climate scientist.

The USGS’ decision came after a lawsuit from 350.

Org and a group of scientists that argued that the federal government was violating the First Amendment by shutting down its climate research and other scientific activities in an effort to prevent climate change.

The lawsuits were dismissed in November, but the controversy has since been resurrected.

The new litigation has been filed in the U:S.

District Court for the Northern District of California.

It is being brought by the Center for Biological Diversity, the Sierra Club, the Natural Resource Defense Council, and the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), which together represent nearly 100 environmental and climate-focused organizations.

The suit seeks a permanent injunction barring the federal agencies from restricting the use of its research facilities or other scientific resources, or from regulating greenhouse gases.

In addition to the lawsuit by 350, the lawsuit also seeks to prohibit the agencies from engaging in “an extensive and costly, time-consuming, and expensive regulatory process to protect human health and the environment from dangerous greenhouse gases.”

The lawsuit claims that the decision to shut down the UGS’ climate research was “based on the political will of the fossil fuel industry, the fossil-fuel industry itself, and a handful of fossil-energy lobbyists and executives.”

According to the Center For Biological Diversity: “The U.s.

Geological Service has an important role in the climate change process because its mission is to understand the effects on human health, the environment, and economic growth from global warming, and because its data, analysis, and projections help guide decisions that protect people, the planet, and our economy.”

The Center for Resource Conservation and the Sierra Project are the groups representing 350.

It also filed a separate lawsuit in April 2015 against the US.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) seeking to overturn the EPA’s decision to phase out its carbon-capture technology.

In a statement on the lawsuit, the Center said the EPA decision was “an abdication of the agency’s responsibility to regulate greenhouse gases in a way that will prevent catastrophic climate change.”

The EPA said that it “is making the best decision possible based on the facts and available data” when it decides to phase the technology out.

But in response to the new lawsuit, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy said in a statement that the agency is “working to ensure the nation’s carbon-neutral technology will be safe, secure, affordable, and reliable, and to protect our air, water, and climate from the effects the climate is changing.”

She said that the EPA is “committed to taking the lead in advancing climate science and advancing a safe and responsible energy economy.”

In response to McCarthy’s statement, the American Chemistry Council (ACCC) wrote to the USGS and asked it to reconsider its decision to end its climate-research efforts, arguing that “the U. S. Geological Society is a global leader in climate change research and has been at the forefront of climate change efforts since the 1960s.”

The American Chemical Society (ACS) wrote a letter to the U,S.

Department of Energy (DOE), saying that it has “long been concerned about the impact on our science and our industry of any actions to shut our research programs and our facilities down.”

The ACS wrote that “climate research is critical to understanding and managing our climate system and the impacts it has on human society.”

In addition, the ACS also noted that “many of our members, including our employees, are working on climate solutions that include renewable energy and biofuels.”

A number of organizations, including the Union for Conservation of Nature, the League of Conservation Voters, and Citizens for a Sound Economy, have also joined the lawsuit.

In an interview with NBC News, Richard H. Holton, director of the Center on Globalization and Environmental Change at The Heritage Foundation, said that he believes that “this is the first time that these types of lawsuits have been brought.”

He added, “It’s an important first step in ensuring that we are not using our government to enforce the very laws that are supposed to protect us.”

The US Geological

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