Scientists discover that the climate is changing in an important way

Posted February 04, 2019 04:07:16The Earth is undergoing a dramatic shift that could mean the end of the planet as we know it.

Researchers at the University of Washington, Seattle and the University at Albany have found that global warming is affecting how species are living.

This is happening in all directions.

Climate change is not only affecting species’ distributions, but also their populations, the scientists say.

This could have huge consequences for how we understand the natural world, say the researchers, who have published their findings in the journal Science Advances.

“We see the impact of climate change in biodiversity changes, in ecosystems, in species, and in species’ ability to survive and reproduce,” said lead author Jana C. Stavrinovic, a UW ecologist.

Stavrinović said the impact on species depends on the way the changes are happening in the atmosphere, oceans, and land.

Climate change is a feedback loop between climate and biology, she said.

The changes that are occurring now are already impacting the ecosystems in a big way.

“So if we don’t slow down these processes, the effects will be really massive,” Stavrić said.

It’s a “huge, profound change in how life works,” she said, and could potentially mean the disappearance of species.

It could be that, in the next few decades, we could see a dramatic decline in species in our home planet.

This would not be a good thing.

“If there’s a species extinction, then that would be a catastrophe,” Stravrinovic said.

“This is going to be devastating for the planet and for humanity.”

What we knowThe researchers looked at the impact species had on ecosystems and ecosystems’ ability, including survival, to reproduce, after the impacts of global warming were felt.

They also looked at how climate change was affecting the biodiversity of the Earth.

They focused on the northern hemisphere, where most of the world’s ecosystems are located, and found that there was a major change in species distribution, and a significant increase in the number of species that were able to survive.

“It was a pretty dramatic change, because there were more species of plants, of insects, of animals,” said Stavrina.

The researchers used a large database of species to look at the effects of global climate change, and to determine how climate was affecting their species distribution.

The results showed that, for the most part, climate change affected the distribution of species in the Northern Hemisphere.

But in the Southern Hemisphere, species distribution was much more uniform.

It’s unclear whether the results mean there is a particular species-specific threat or whether there are other changes in species populations, said Stravrić.

But she added that there is some evidence that some species are adapting.

“If you take a bird, for example, for instance, you may be able to find some species that are migrating out of the Northern hemisphere,” she explained.

“We have some evidence of that happening.

But it is hard to say exactly what it is.”

The researchers also looked for other signs of change, such as changes in weather patterns and changes in habitat.

They found that many species were changing their habitat as climate changed, and that some of these changes are likely to have a positive impact on their survival.

“The species that survived are more adaptable, and they are able to change their habitats more,” Stovrić explained.

“In some cases, they have adapted to the changes.

It might mean that there are new species that can adapt to the changing environment.”

A change in the weatherThe researchers say their findings also suggest that global climate changes can have a profound effect on the weather.

“I think it’s really important to understand the climate changes that occur in the North Pacific,” said study co-author John F. Fung, a marine ecologist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

“Because the northern Pacific is a major habitat for species that normally don’t migrate there, this would have a significant effect on how the species are moving out of that region.”

It could mean that species could become stranded on islands that are not suitable for their species.

“These are places that species that migrate out of need are likely not to return,” he said.

Climate is affecting our oceansClimate change has also been affecting the sea, which has a significant impact on how species disperse and adapt.

Scientists have noticed changes in how the oceans absorb the energy from the sun and the moon.

This can make them warmer and more acidic, increasing the likelihood that they’ll sink.

The oceans also become less stable as they heat up, meaning they are less stable in the face of extreme weather events.

“One of the major impacts of climate on ocean temperatures is that the ocean gets warmer, and it gets more acidic and it’s less stable,” Fung said.

This makes it harder for

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