Humans can see the Earth from space: A new technique

Humans can look up at the sky and see the planet Earth from the ground, a new study has found.

The finding was made possible by the use of an advanced radar technique called a “laser” that works by bouncing light from the Earth back to the ground.

The laser beam travels through the air, bounces off a surface, and then bounces off the Earth again.

The technology is currently being used by a small number of scientists in order to study the climate of Mars.

The technique has also been used to see into space.

The new study, published online on Wednesday, also found that humans can detect carbon dioxide and other gases in the air.

The team, from the University of Adelaide, used a laser to create an image of a Martian surface.

The image showed a mountain range, a lake and an area of vegetation that was covered with a layer of dust.

The scientists then measured the laser beam’s intensity by measuring the amount of reflected light.

They found that the energy emitted by the laser was much higher than that of the human eye, which could help them measure the temperature and density of the atmosphere of Mars and determine how much water there is.

“This is a really big breakthrough, we’ve got this technology to get to the surface and measure the air,” said lead author David Macdonald, an associate professor at the University’s School of Earth and Environment.

“It’s a big leap forward in the understanding of how atmospheric gases are distributed in the Martian atmosphere.”

The researchers also found methane, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen in the atmosphere.

“We are seeing the first time we can get a clear picture of the air of Mars, which is something that we hadn’t seen before,” Macdonald said.

The researchers used the technique to image the surface of the moon.

“For us it’s really exciting, it’s the first real glimpse of Mars in such detail,” MacDonald said.

“I don’t think we have to be the only ones looking.

We can be the first ones looking.”

The team also used the technology to create a map of Mars that can be used to determine whether there is any liquid water or whether there are any subsurface lakes or rivers.

The study found that surface areas in the area were covered with dust.

However, the team found that when they looked deeper into the soil, the surface area was not so much dust as “hydrogen and helium” gas, which can form in the presence of water.

The hydrogen is very small and does not produce a cloud, but it is highly soluble and is the source of the gas.

The helium is much larger and is more dense and can create a cloud.

The gas that was created in the laboratory, called H2O, can be detected by the infrared sensor that the researchers use to measure the strength of the light reflected by the surface.

Macdonald says that it is “very exciting” that these techniques can be applied to study Martian surface conditions.

“One of the things we really hope to do is study these atmospheric conditions and look at how they are changing and how they might be changing in the future,” he said.

He said the new technique would be a useful tool for future studies on Mars, including how the planet’s climate is changing.

The project is supported by NASA.

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