How to use social ecology as a tool for conservation of biodiversity

The Indian government is trying to develop a ‘social ecology’ as a new and innovative way to protect and conserve biodiversity in the country.

The ‘social ecological approach’ is a strategy to deal with biodiversity issues through the use of natural systems, such as nature reserves and natural forests, which will be developed and integrated by government agencies.

The new approach aims to reduce the impact of climate change and biodiversity loss on the ecosystem, thereby increasing its capacity to survive.

The idea is to take the environment as a whole, rather than a particular ecosystem, and incorporate all of the various components into the ecosystem.

This way, it will be easier to manage the natural resources in a holistic way.

The idea is being pioneered by the National Centre for Social Ecology (NCSE), a joint initiative of the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MNRE) and Centre for Biotechnology, a government agency.

The government has launched the project in collaboration with NGOs.

It has already received over 300 applications from stakeholders in the last one month, according to the NCSE.

The National Green Tribunal, which is tasked with overseeing the project, has granted approval for the project.

In a paper published in Science, NCSE’s lead scientist, Pradeep Singh Bhushan, said, “The social ecological approach seeks to address biodiversity issues by integrating nature reserves with forests, rivers, and groundwater.”

The approach is being developed as part of the ‘Urban Forest Management Project’, a programme launched in 2017, to develop sustainable urban and rural development strategies.

This scheme aims to preserve biodiversity by planting trees and reforestation.

Bhushanyan said, “(This] project aims to make biodiversity more resilient in urban areas.

There is no need for a forest to be planted in an urban area.

It can be planted by anyone in any area.”

The idea of the project is to combine the concept of biodiversity conservation with the use and protection of natural resources.

Bhashanyan, who is currently a member of the National Institute of Environment, said the government has been studying the concept for some time now and has decided to take this forward.

“Our main focus is to reduce climate change, so we want to develop and integrate the concept with nature conservation,” he said.

The first phase of the social ecology approach aims at developing an integrated and sustainable approach to the management of natural resource reserves.

The approach will be based on the idea of natural forests as an integral part of nature.

The forest is a component of the ecosystem that is integrated into the whole ecosystem, thus increasing its resilience.

Bhishanyan told NDTV that the idea is not to replace forest management as such, but to complement it with the management and protection and to integrate natural resources with forests.

The second phase aims at integrating nature conservation into the management process of natural forest, which includes the implementation of forest conservation plans.

This will be done through a holistic approach, which aims to maximize the biological diversity of the forest.

The concept of natural conservation is being adopted in this regard.

Bhoshanyan added that the forest management approach is already being integrated into a range of projects, including the Forest Management Plan of the Indian government.

The third phase of social ecology will focus on the use, conservation and protection with regard to the use-dependent components of natural ecosystems.

“We are going to focus on ecosystem management in the context of land use,” he added.

The aim is to increase the resilience of natural communities by introducing sustainable land use practices and practices that are environmentally friendly.

According to the National Green Commission, the Forest Code is the backbone of the Forest Protection Act, 1990.

Under the Code, the government is supposed to implement the forest conservation plan and ensure the forest and the land is protected for biodiversity and the environment.

The Forest Code also lays down specific management policies for natural forests and natural ecosystems, which can be implemented through various mechanisms.

The law also mandates that the forests are managed in accordance with prescribed guidelines and guidelines should be followed to ensure conservation of natural environments.

The Centre for Bio-Technology, a Ministry of Ministry of State for Science and Technology, will be the initial partner of the NCES.

The NCSE is expected to implement a large number of projects in the next five years.

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