How to fix an environment that’s already a mess

By Chris Wesseling | 11 April 2018 01:05:10It’s a cliché that the world’s biggest corporations have always been obsessed with growth.

And for good reason.

But how are we to define success if we don’t take into account the impact of the environment on our lives?

The answer is complicated, and it’s not pretty.

In a world that is so focused on growth, we need to understand how it has changed.

In an era of climate change and pollution, it’s hard to find a single environmental problem that doesn’t have its own set of environmental problems, both external and internal.

As globalisation has expanded the role of business and industry, the nature of the world we live in has changed, too.

In the past, the global environment was mostly a business problem.

But over the past two decades, the environment has been an economic one, too, with the development of the internet and communication technologies, the internet of things, and so on, all having a huge impact on business.

The growth of globalisation is a process that has brought us the current state of affairs.

But it is also a process of change.

This is why it’s important to look beyond the numbers and understand what is going on behind the scenes.

The first thing we need do is to look at the data.

The Environmental Data Exchange (EDX) has a database of environmental data and has compiled a list of the top 10 environmental causes of death, as well as the world average.

In order to understand the impact this has on people, and what we can do to fix it, it helps to start with the numbers.

The EDX database includes over 6,000 sources of data, and can be used to estimate the impact that environmental causes have on our health, well-being and the environment in general.

What can we learn?

The number one cause of death is malaria.

That means the number one killer is the mosquito that carries it.

The next most deadly cause of disease is dengue fever, which kills over one million people in the US.

And then there’s the pollution of the atmosphere.

The third most dangerous is global warming.

According to the World Health Organization, global warming is a major contributor to the number of deaths caused by respiratory diseases, malaria and the spread of influenza.

The fourth most dangerous, and the largest threat to human life, is a drought.

It causes the world to experience severe droughts, and is responsible for a large amount of deaths worldwide.

The fifth most dangerous environmental cause of mortality is pollution.

It affects all of us, from our bodies to the oceans to our land, from the air to the water.

This means we all suffer from environmental damage, whether it’s from deforestation, pollution, toxic chemicals or global warming, and we all have to deal with it.

But what is most damaging to us as a species is not the environmental damage caused by the polluting industries, but the pollution caused by ourselves.

The 10 most harmful environmental causes The 10 biggest environmental causes that are responsible for most of the deaths in the world are: 1.

Globalisation – 1.7 billion people have been displaced worldwide due to economic changes.


Agriculture – 5 billion people are forced to live on less than 2% of their pre-industrial levels of food supply.


Transportation – 1 billion people live in cities, which can be a lot for a small village.


Agriculture and fisheries – 2.3 billion people work on the land.

This includes farmers, ranchers, fishermen and many others.


Industrialisation – 2 billion people depend on manufacturing, and millions of them work in factories.


Waste – 9.5 billion people use the environment for their own use, mainly in the form of food, fuel and paper.


Water – 7 billion people drink and bathe in rivers and lakes.


Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing – 5.6 billion people rely on agriculture for their livelihood.


Agriculture is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the whole of the planet.


The World Health Organisation says that climate change is responsible to an estimated 1.3% of all deaths worldwide, and that it will continue to worsen in coming decades.

The problem of pollution has become a big problem in the past 20 years.

But as industrialisation has continued, it has led to many more people living in cities than before, and to a growing global population.

The top 10 causes of mortality are: 10.1.

Water pollution – 1 in 12 people worldwide die of water pollution.


Industrial pollution – 12 million people die annually due to industrial pollution.


Waste disposal – 2 million people each year die due to waste disposal.


Pollution – 2 in 10 people worldwide are exposed to harmful levels of air pollution.

6:3: Waste – 3.7 million people around the world die annually from waste disposal and the associated damage to the environment. 5

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