How to create a unique space on Instagram to host your own art and content

With all the digital space on the internet, there’s no shortage of potential for artistic expression.

Here are six simple tips for making the most of Instagram’s curated curatorial features.


Create a shared space for curated content 2.

Get creative with your photos and videos 3.

Use Instagram’s filters to find new content 4.

Select the right filter to display your art and photos 5.

Share your photos with friends and followers 6.

Check out our Instagram curated content guidelines to learn more about the kinds of content you can and can’t post.1.

Create an art space for your own creative output on Instagram2.

Get Creative with your Photos and Videos3.

Use the Instagram filter to find and post your own content4.

Select your preferred filter for displaying your art or photos5.

Share photos with your friends and fans and use filters to determine what you can post6.

Check our Instagram curatorial guidelines to get more information about what’s on offer and what’s not.

If you’re a fan of curated content, you may want to consider starting your own Instagram curatorship.

This can be an amazing opportunity to expand your creative horizons.

We’ve all been there.

It’s a lot of fun to be able to share your own unique ideas with the world.

And if you’re already curating, there are plenty of great options to choose from.

Here’s how to do it.2.

Create your own curated space3.

Select a common Instagram filter4.

Create, share, and promote your work5.

Set a minimum amount of content and be sure to tag your posts with the hashtag #Artful4.

Choose your preferred Instagram filter, like the ones listed below.5.

Tag your content with the #ArtFUL hashtag on Instagram, or use hashtags like #Creative, #Artist, and #Curated6.

Add a caption and tag your photo, which should look something like: #Artist in a gallery or room.

The caption should be something along the lines of “In the gallery or in a room.

Artful in my room!”7.

Be sure to include a photo tag on your post, which will help others discover your art.8.

Check the content guidelines for your curated space, like those found below.9.

Select one of the featured curators from the list and tag it with the same hashtag, like #Curate.

If you don’t know who your curators are, follow their Instagram profiles and check out the curator’s portfolio to find out more about them.

If that sounds like a lot, check out our curated content recommendations to find the right curated content for you.

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