How to avoid being eaten by a hungry bear

The bear in the video above is no ordinary bear.

It’s a “biohacker” who, with a combination of cutting edge technology and an obsession with the environment, is using a computer program to “fix” the species of bear that attacked him.

The video shows a bear in what appears to be a cub, but in reality is an adult female.

She then jumps on the bear and attempts to strangle the animal.

“I can’t believe I’m even doing this,” the bear, named Mokar, tells the camera.

“She’s biting me!”

He says he is not worried about the attack because it will kill him.

“The worst thing I can say is she’s a monster.”

Mokari is a biohacker.

She uses software to create animal-inspired art.

She is a “cub” in the context of her hobby.

In the video, the bear tries to bite Mokarian but is unsuccessful.

She says she has no intention of harming the bear.

“It’s the bears, I’m a cub!” she says, and runs away.

Mokaris conservation project has already raised over $1,000.

She has used the funds to build a cage and raise other animals.

The bear is now in a foster home, but will need to be returned to a group of other animals in the wild.

She said it was important to show the world that bears are not “evil” and are just trying to live in harmony with humans.

“We’re here to help save the world,” she said.

“When you’re doing that, you have to take the responsibility of your actions.”

You can watch the full video here:

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