How ecological cycles affect wildlife, the environment and people

BY JOE BONDI and BRIAN RICHARDSON Associated Press file Environmentalists warn of the threat of ecological cycles in which plants and animals are driven to extinction.

These cycles can be deadly and can cause serious human and environmental consequences.

Ecologists say the impacts of these cycles vary greatly depending on the population and how long the cycles occur.

Some cycle cycles are long-term, such as the extinction of forest populations due to logging and hunting.

Others are short-term or short-lived, such in the case of a forest fire.

But all cycles are important because they can help determine how ecosystems function and affect species.

Ecologist Kevin Fung of the University of New South Wales says a global ecological cycle is important because it helps determine how species adapt to the challenges of the changing climate.

He says it also determines how many species can survive and thrive.

In Australia, many species, such the Australian kangaroo, have long cycles of extinction that last tens of thousands of years.

“We have a long cycle of fire and drought,” he says.

“When it rains, we’re going to lose some of the kangaroos.”

Some species have cycles of life and death that can last hundreds of thousands or even millions of years, while others are entirely dependent on human activities, such animals that depend on hunting and fishing, or some animals that cannot adapt to change.

For example, the Great Barrier Reef, which has the largest number of coral reefs in the world, was devastated by the fires of the 1990s.

Scientists estimate it took about 80,000 years to recover.

Fung says Australia is one of the world’s largest carbon sinks and it is important to understand how these cycles are affecting species.

He believes there is a fundamental conflict between the need for humans to conserve species and the need to limit human impacts on the planet.

He also says climate change is a threat to the planet and that it is only a matter of time before the cycles end.

The ABC spoke to Kevin Fong about the Australian ecology cycle.

Kevin Fingson is an ecologist at the University, Sydney.

He has spent more than a decade researching the Australian ecosystems.

The cycle he studies is the loss of species to fires.

Fires are the main driver of Australia’s loss of native animals.

He explains why the extinction threat for Australian wildlife is so significant.

He said it is because the fires are so widespread and the number of species that can be destroyed is so great.

He explained that the fires destroy the habitat of most species, so they have to adapt to changing conditions and to the changing ecosystem.

The fires also destroy important biodiversity, he said.

Kevin says the Australian forests are very important to the health of the planet, with a carbon sink and also to the carbon that flows through the atmosphere.

He added that Australia has been in the top 10 globally for the number and severity of wildfires.

Kevin said there has been a shift in the way humans have used the forests.

“The forests have a much longer lifespan than we do, so there is less carbon to burn and so they are less susceptible to climate change.” “

Kevin Fongs study shows how climate change impacts wildlife and ecosystems. “

The forests have a much longer lifespan than we do, so there is less carbon to burn and so they are less susceptible to climate change.”

Kevin Fongs study shows how climate change impacts wildlife and ecosystems.

He points out that fire is a very efficient method of destroying native wildlife and habitats.

Kevin is also concerned about the impact of climate change on Australia’s fisheries.

He argues that Australia is now on the verge of the worst climate change in the history of the continent.

He sees Australia’s climate changing rapidly and that climate change will increase the frequency of extreme weather events.

Kevin also said that the burning of coal is contributing to global warming, but he believes this is less of a problem than many people think.

Kevin describes Australia’s coal industry as a system that provides jobs, benefits Australia and has the potential to become the world leader in energy production.

Kevin’s research is focused on the impacts and impacts of the Australian ecological cycle.

He is an expert in the biological sciences and the environment.

Kevin has been researching how ecosystems are impacted by human activities for more than 30 years.

Kevin uses the Australian landscape to research the impact humans are having on the natural world.

Kevin studied more than 40 species of plant and animal species.

His research focuses on the changes that have occurred in Australia’s ecosystems over the past 50 years.

He looks at the change in fire-induced and natural fires, the changes in biodiversity, changes in the carbon flow, changes to the food chain and changes to ecosystem services.

Kevin looks at how these changes are impacting Australian ecosystems and the people who depend on these ecosystems.

Kevin and his colleagues at the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) have conducted more

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