How does the new climate science fit in with your environment?

With a new climate assessment released, many of us are wondering what to make of the new findings.

But for some of us, the answers are simple.

For some of you, it will be a matter of the future.

For others, it is a matter, if you like, of what to do about it.

For scientists like Professor John Crouch, the answer is simple.

If you live in the future, you are going to want to be ready.

“There are people who will be very concerned about climate change, they are concerned about sea level rise and extreme weather,” he said.

“But the reality is there is a lot of change that is happening on our planet, and the human response to that change is changing.”

If you think about how the oceans are changing in a warming world, the oceans will be shifting more slowly and the ocean will be changing more slowly.

“So in terms of the changes we’re seeing on our oceans, we need to adapt.”

The new scienceThe National Climate Assessment (NCA) report comes after more than a year of work by the National Climate Change Research Centre, a consortium of scientists working to understand the changing climate.

The NCA’s latest assessment shows the world is moving towards an extreme climate, and scientists are predicting a warmer world for the next half a century.

Professor Crouch said that while the latest study was good news for those living in the extreme future, it was still too early to know how to adapt to the changes.

“It’s a bit premature to make any decisions about what we should do in terms, because the feedbacks are still being built up and the impact is still going to be felt,” he told ABC Radio Perth.

“The reality is, we’re going to have to adjust and adapt.”

Professor Coker said the report was a good start but more work was needed to understand how to live in this changing climate in the 21st century.

“For example, what is the extent to which our lifestyles are affected by climate change?

Are we already doing enough to deal with climate change or are we doing enough that is not enough?” he said, pointing to examples such as the rise of car emissions and the increasing use of electric cars.”

What we really need to do is look at the impact on people and how we can live within our means.”

For some, the NCA report may have little to do with climate science.

The National Research Council has released a new report on the impact of climate change on Australia’s biodiversity, and is predicting a future where more species of plants, animals and humans will be extinct.

Professor Matthew McEwan from the University of New South Wales’ Centre for Conservation Biology said there was a real opportunity for the NRC to look at how to prepare for climate change.

“They can look at what the impacts of climate are going on across our species.”

You can have a more comprehensive look at species extinction and the impacts on our ecosystems, which could give us a better sense of how the system is changing,” he explained.”

These are things that we can apply to climate change in the same way we apply to any other issue.

“Professor McEwen said the research would be valuable for conservationists but said the findings should not be taken as a sign that humans should stop eating or using plants.”

That’s a question that should be considered by conservationists and others who are working on these issues.

It’s a problem we need not to be afraid to confront,” he noted.”

I think it’s also a good reminder to people that these changes will occur and it’s not something to panic about.


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