How do you get people to clean up their cars?

If you were looking for an answer to how you could make your car’s air cleaner and reduce its emissions, this article may not be the answer.

But, it certainly is an interesting read.

In a recent article, researchers at the University of California at Davis discovered a technique that they believe can reduce car emissions. 

Their research shows that by reducing the number of emissions, it can reduce the number and severity of crashes in an area by as much as 80 percent. 

The idea behind the technique is called “dispersive” and the researchers believe it could be used to reduce the severity of collisions in any location where people drive their cars. 

“The key is to keep the vehicle moving forward,” said Dr. John O’Leary, a researcher in the laboratory of Dr. Steven L. Friesen, the lead author on the study. 

Dr O’Brien said the method would have the same effect as a bumper sticker or a bumper.

“We believe it would work in any kind of traffic environment where people are driving around a big intersection,” he said.

“You might have to go back to the original location to get the bumper sticker off.

We think it might work for anything where there’s a lot of activity in the street.” 

While the researchers haven’t yet found an effective way to eliminate all emissions from a vehicle, the technique does work for cars with larger than usual tires.

The researchers used a technique called “mass displacement diffusion” to apply a thin layer of a synthetic material called “breathable polyethylene” on the rear bumper of a car. 

Breathable Polyethylene is similar to the synthetic rubber used in the bumper stickers and bumper stickers.

The researchers say the material is less likely to clog up and clog the exhaust system than the synthetic material.

“There are lots of things that we can do to improve the air quality in the environment around us, and this technique is one of those things,” Dr Frieseng said. 

To test their technique, the researchers took the car into the laboratory and removed the front bumper and installed the bumper in a different location.

The rear bumper was left alone, the study found. 

After three weeks, the car had reduced its carbon dioxide emissions by around 25 percent.

They believe their research will help researchers better understand how to reduce car pollution in urban areas.

The research was funded by the National Science Foundation and the California Air Resources Board.

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