How a ‘Green’ Community Uses Eco-Friendly Technology to Grow More Happiness

It’s been a year since the release of the documentary “The Greening of America” which was made with support from the Rockefeller Foundation and the National Science Foundation.

While the film has helped a number of individuals and communities, it’s also inspired many others to think about what their communities can do to be more environmentally friendly. 

The film’s author, Richard Florida, explains how a Green community is formed and grows with the needs of the community.

“A community is the sum of all its parts, from the soil to the water, and everything in between.

The soil is what gives it its strength.

The water is what makes it water.

The air is what helps to bring out the best in people, the air is the air and the earth, which is what keeps it alive.” 

The idea behind a Green Community is to build a more balanced, environmentally sustainable and sustainable society.

According to Florida, the key to a successful Green community, is to have a “sense of purpose” and “be proud of the world that we live in.”

This is why Florida has created the “Greening of Our World” project. 

This project aims to promote a “Green” lifestyle through the use of sustainable technology.

The project includes a website that is dedicated to educating and informing the public on the benefits of eco-friendly technology. 

A video by The Environmentalists Project explores the history of eco technology and explains how the technology is helping to support communities and people in the future. 

It also highlights the benefits and uses of eco systems and the environmental issues facing the world today. 

“The Greened World” is available to watch online at

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