‘Happiness’ for Stratford, the world’s smallest town

“Happiness is a word that we hear all the time.

It means happiness, right?

We live in a world that’s full of joy, and that’s what I like about Stratfords happiness,” said the town’s mayor, Jim O’Connor.

“And what I also like about it is that the whole town knows that and I think it’s a very good thing.”

“It’s a beautiful thing,” he said.

“There are people living in the community who are happy and who are not happy.

We’re all on the same page.”

Stratford is the smallest town in New Zealand, and is home to more than 4,000 people, including 200 who live in Stratfiord.

In the past, residents of the community had to share their homes with a local community of 50,000.

“The people in Strats community are very supportive,” said O’Neill.

“I don’t know if it’s because they’re part of the family or not, but they do support the neighbours.”

I think it helps us to feel like we belong in the world,” he added.

The town is home a museum of New Zealand art and crafts, and houses a community of over 40,000, most of whom are artists.

The residents of Stratfs small community are proud of their small-town culture, and their love of nature.”

I think that’s the greatest compliment. “

We’re an amazing place, and a very beautiful place, but the people are so lovely, and so helpful.

They’re so nice, and they’re so caring. “

They’re just so happy.

They’re so nice, and they’re so caring.

And that’s very special.”

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