‘Eco-friendly’ homes will cost more to build

LONDON – A home in Holtsville, south-west London, could cost more than £10m ($14.6m) to build, according to new research.

Scientists at the Holtsvillage Ecology Centre (HEC) found that the design of homes that are ecologically friendly would require £6.5m ($8.8m) in funding.

The homes, which are designed to be eco-friendly, would cost a total of £10.6 million ($14m).

The HEC has identified three ways to meet demand in the capital city.

Firstly, the design could be based on ‘urban green design’, in which homes are built in areas that are less urban and more nature-based.

Second, they could incorporate ‘hybrid’ design, in which design is based on green roofs, shade, recycled materials, recycled energy, and green building materials.

Third, they might use ‘eco-friendly technology’, which is a combination of technology and design that helps reduce the amount of energy used and the carbon footprint.

According to the HEC, the majority of the cost of a new home will come from energy, rather than materials, which can add up quickly.

It found that homes could cost as little as £4.8 million ($7.3m) per square metre, which is just over half the cost that most home owners pay for a home in London.

One of the new homes in the Holstsville Ecology Centre is shown in a photo by the Holidays Centre, a local charity.

HEC director Dr. Chris Todson said: “Our new homes are not designed to look like traditional houses and we believe that they can be built to be more environmentally friendly and to be socially and economically attractive.”

Homes designed for ecotourism and urban green design are usually made of wood, glass and steel and require large amounts of maintenance.

They are also more expensive than those that are built for people.

Dr Todston said the Hec will now be working on building a second housing development in Holmsville.

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