A new breed of ecologist is coming to the rescue of our natural habitats

BARCELONA, Spain — As the world’s wildlife suffers from habitat loss and pollution, the conservation community is beginning to see a new breed emerge.

With the rise of new species and new threats to our natural environments, the ecological community is looking for ways to help restore or create more of our world’s natural habitats.

As a new generation of ecologists are taking on the task of helping nature recover and protect its own biodiversity, they are also bringing in new ways to restore ecological integrity and the ecological balance of our planet.

In the early 2000s, a new ecologist was born.

Carlos Martínez Barcelonas was a Brazilian ecologist who had been working for a number of years in Africa.

His expertise in African biodiversity was so great that he was invited to join a research team in Tanzania that was looking for solutions to the problem of habitat loss.

In 2007, he and his team traveled to the Congo to study the impact of deforestation and poaching on the ecosystem.

While there, they discovered the forest, which was then being destroyed, was home to more than 300 species of plants and animals, including elephants, rhinos, and rhinoceroses.

The area had been degraded to a point where it was becoming a haven for wildlife.

The group spent five months there, conducting field studies and taking DNA samples to see how the forest’s ecosystem would respond to the changes caused by the deforestation.

The results of their research, published in 2009, revealed that the forest would be better able to recover from the destruction and that the impact on the natural ecology of the forest was not harmful.

That’s when Martíneso began to develop the idea of creating an ecologist’s conservation institute.

He started with two key elements: restoring the forests and helping wildlife.

“I started to think, if I can help nature recover, then that will be enough to save it,” Martínecas said.

What he created is called a biodiversity conservation institute, or BRI, or Brazilian Biosphere Institute.

In the past, he has focused on restoring the Amazon rainforest, a region that is home to about one-fifth of the worlds biodiversity.

It’s also known for being one of the most biodiverse areas in the world.

It’s home to a variety of species, including the endangered species of elephants and rhinos.

When it comes to restoring biodiversity, biodiversity conservation is often seen as a process where species are protected from extinction and the natural system that provides them with sustenance is restored.

The BRI is a part of a broader movement to restore biodiversity in the Brazilian Amazon.

Since the 1990s, BRIs have been operating in the Amazon Basin, the heartland of Brazil’s Amazon, as well as in the south of the country.

They work with local communities, which often are in direct contact with the land.

They are also involved in other conservation programs, such as protecting and restoring forests.

BRIs also have been able to increase biodiversity in some of the worst-affected areas, which are in the countrys northernmost region, called the São Paulo-Amazonas, known as the Amazon.

The region has suffered a devastating drought that has caused extreme heat, high temperatures, and a dramatic drop in rainfall.

The São Janeiro-Amazonos, which is the heart of Brazil, is home the vast majority of Brazils Amazon rainforests.

But it is also home to one of its most important ecosystems, the Amazonian Rainforest.

The rainforest is home for over 10 percent of Brazilís biodiversity.

“There is so much biodiversity in Brazil that we are not seeing it,” said José Manuel Ribeiro, a conservation biologist at the Brazilian Institute of Biogeography (BIB).

“It’s really critical for the environment and for the economy that we preserve and restore the Amazon.”

The Brazilian government, which controls BRI’s funding, has also started investing in biodiversity conservation.

Its recent plan to restore the rainforest in the Southeastern Amazon includes establishing a network of BRI-supported parks, wetlands, and protected areas.

The plan will also help with conservation projects that protect and restore biodiversity, and will provide additional resources for the forest conservation program, said Martínio, the director of the BRI.

For more than 10 years, the S. Paulo-São Paulo region has been under siege from environmental threats.

Environmentalists have blamed deforestation for driving deforestation in some areas and for increasing the severity of the effects of climate change, such water shortages and severe drought.

But the Amazon is also facing challenges.

In recent years, Brazil has been hit by drought and severe storms, as a result of climate changes that have brought extreme temperatures, flooding, and increased frequency of extreme weather events.

The region has also been impacted by climate change.

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